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Free Ten Black Dots Themed Printables!

Ten Black Dots: Puzzling and Improbable Questions and Answers

These are freebie pages I created for my son to accompany the book Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews.

Feel free to print these off for personal use. The first download is cutting practice. Cut along the black lines and have your preschooler cut along the grey ones. Older children can cut along the circles themselves:

Ten Black Dots Cutting Practice

Use this worksheet as a stand alone activity or have your child use the dot cut-outs for counting, or you can even use them to create their own ten black dots page like at The Little Red Hen.

The next freebies are line tracing worksheets I created to go along with the last couple of pages to the book. Use these as one time worksheets with crayons or markers, or use them again and again as pages in a Homemade Dry Erase Book.

“Ten black dots can make balloons stuck in a tree. Shake the branch and set them free”:

Ten Black Dots prewriting worksheet 2 by homeschoolonadimeTen Black Dots prewriting worksheet 1 by homeschoolonadime

Ten Black Dots Balloons Line Tracing

Again, feel free to use this for your own personal or classroom use. These are not intended to benefit anyone monetarily. On a dime, right? If you share what you’ve used from this site, please link directly to this page as reference, not the individual pictures. I would love to see what you are doing with them as well. Enjoy!

Featured on No Time For Flashcards:

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