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Our First Sailing Trip

She just wanted Mommy’s lap
“There’s Diamond Head!”

We went sailing a couple of weekends ago. It seems like it’s taken us forever to be able to get out there on any boat (let alone ours). I’m so grateful to our dear friend for taking us out on his boat. The kids seemed to enjoy it for the most part. Raspberry Bug could have had more fun, but I think she was pretty nervous. We tried to explain to her what sailing was, but found that difficult to explain to a two year old. She was fussy for the whole first hour or so. I kept asking her to use her words. Finally, when she did, she said she wanted to stop moving. She was well behaved, all things considered, as long as I kept her on my lap.

Blue and our good friend. “Hang Loose!”

Blueberry Ball loved the whole day! He got to be captain for a little over an hour. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him focus so seriously on anything before and he only needed minimal corrections! He had a little bit of seasickness near the end, but he was such a trooper about it! We started heading back when he wasn’t feeling so hot, and he was smiling before we made it off the boat =)

Focused and Very Proud

He had just three rules that day. We kept repeating them on the way to the boat. 1) Listen, 2) Be obedient ,3) Be respectful. He way surpassed my expectations! We left at noon and by the time we got back to our humble aboat it had already gotten dark. Yet, he still listened, obeyed, and showed respect.

A Smile For The Camera
The Captain’s Tongue

While the children napped on board, I climbed to the top.

Just because I can!
“Ok, Hubby, Take the Pic Already So I Can Get Down.”

When they woke up, we had lines in the water.

“Touch It!”

We had SOOOOOOO much fun! I can’t wait to do it on “The Armor Of God” (our 29′ Cascade)!

View of Honolulu
Our gorgeous view from WAY out there

It was by far the best field trip yet!



My family and I have made a decision to dedicate our lives to serve the Lord. We've started a seaborne, nonprofit Mission organization that is aimed at bringing the gospel and disaster relief to otherwise hard to reach areas. Follow us as we grow together in Him through our average day to day experiences. See how we make a family of five work aboard a small sailboat, follow us in the travels, projects, and experiences of day to day life as we share our calling with those we love.

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