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A Beka-Themed Task Cards

We got all our boxes in! I’m so excited to start. The Abeka program looks like so much fun. I know it’s going to take a lot of effort on my part to keep things running smoothly, but I’m so up for the challenge! I love the idea of going for a more traditional (rather than progressive) approach. We start on Monday, so this weekend I will try to let you know what we are doing to get into focus and stay organized.

First up: Abeka-themed task cards.

I do understand he wont really be doing seat work for a while yet, but I wanted him to have a visual reminder of how much work-before-play needs to happen each day. This way, as he transitions to more independent work, he will already know what to expect for each day much like he does with his chores already.

Here’s what I came up with:


Please share this download with others via this post, not the document itself. This download is intended for personal or classroom use only. This download was not intended for any individual or entity to profit monetarily from. Enjoy!

Task Chart Abeka K5

I tried to include everything we will be covering (at least at some point in the year) with the new curriculum in one convenient chart. I even put four “ask Mom” boxes for anything that remains unplanned.

I placed the sheet in front of his notebook in a dry erase cover. Then, I simply cross out whatever is not required for the day.

This saves us wall space, but you could also copy it twice, laminate, and velcro to use as task cards like the Unlikely Homeschool created on her wall.

I can’t wait to show you more as our week unfolds! I’ll try and post frequent updates, but it appears that (at least until I have a routine down more) I can only promise weekend posts! Keep reading to find out what his notebook looks like, how he likes or dislikes it, and more successes and struggles.

How do you keep your children focused and on task?



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