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Samson Craft


I shared with you in my last home school post how difficult the “first couple of weeks” of school went- not at all that well…

We didn’t have much time for anything extra- no fun games, no arts and crafts- because Blue refused to do the basics. Looking back I’d say the highlight of those two weeks was this activity we did with our Samson Bible study. Bible is always done in the mornings first thing. I read to them while they do breakfast, we pray together, and then after breakfast is cleaned up we do a go-along activity.

Blue had been having trouble with lying the few days leading up to this lesson. I would give him a little break and he promised to continue his school work later on- it didn’t happen. Not that he couldn’t stay focused after trying again- he didn’t try.

This lesson helped him to realize the importance of keeping his word. I told him how Samson broke his promises to God and the consequences that followed.

Next, I compared it to his behavior the day before. I rarely do this because I don’t want our Bible studies to be a source of contention or constant correction. However, there are times when it helps my son to realize why something needs to change.

I then had Blue draw a picture of Samson. I love his illustration (on the left)! See how much hair? Next, I had him write the words, ” I will keep my promises” (I helped him with spelling and even guided his hand on the word ‘promises’ as we ran out of room on the paper).

Then, we discussed the strength that Samson had while he still had favor in God’s eyes. He was able to break free from the seven ties they bound him in. Later, after he repented, he was able to break down the pillars. So I had him glue seven broken ties to the page. Bible time and counting in one- YAY!

Red Did the same activity (on the right) minus the handwriting. When we got to the gluing, she refused. Too messy for my high-sensory toddler =). But even her stick figures are getting better- I see a head, a smile, lots of hair, and two big shoes!

This was an activity Blue was very proud of. He couldn’t wait to bring it to Grandma the following weekend and “teach her about Samson”.

I think putting it down on paper made him more significantly understand the values of the moral lesson being taught.

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