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Free Picture Chore Chart

We all need a little incentive to get things done. My son has never liked picking up after himself (except at a very young age when he would put everything away just to dump the bucket out again). Last year, we had a chore chart for my son and he would get a penny to place in his piggy bank for each task completed at the end of the week. It worked surprisingly well. This year, I’ve customized their very own chore chart with simple tasks that even my two year old can do:chore chart by homeschoolonadime 2014

  • Clean Table
  • Make Beds
  • School Work
  • Hamper Laundry
  • Tidy School Work
  • Pick Up Toys

And of course, the most important one:

I listened

  • I Listened!

Each chore has a little picture underneath it for my two little non-readers and there is enough space in each square for me to draw a star for each of them (of course, blue and red are our go-to colors). I left the next page a blank graph paper with the same “Task” and days of the week columns. this way, you can add your own clipart and chores at your computer, or you can simply print off the blank template and write your own chores in. Let me know what you think or if you have any issues. And as always:

Please share this download with others via this post, not the document itself. This download is intended for personal or classroom use only. This download was not intended for any individual or entity to profit monetarily from. Enjoy!

I placed the chart in a dry erase sleeve (I will eventually move it to a cute picture frame) and placed it on the wall. Above that I taped their incentives where they would be plainly visible. Blueberry ball gets a Hot Wheels car each Friday if Mom and Dad feel like he has earned enough stars.

I haven’t decided on a constant incentive for Raspberry Bug quite yet. Does anyone know of a good girl toy that would be comparable in price to a Hot Wheels toy? The closest in price that I could find at our nearest Wal-Mart was with doll clothes. She doesn’t like dolls yet…



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