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Sight Word Fun

I guess Blueberry Ball has basically been studying his three Rs: “readin’ ritin’ rithmatic” (excuse the southern spirit shinin’ through (=  .

We had so much fun introducing sight words the last three (week)days.I know I usually post about activities from specific days, but this one is more about the “Sight Word Fun” we’ve been having.

I started off with just a few easy words. I didn’t want to overwhelm him, I only wanted to test the waters a bit.

So I started off with something I already know he loves – mazes.


I found these “Sight Word Paths” at one of my favorite websites, 3 dinosaurs. I thought it may be difficult for him to focus in on, but he actually accepted the challenge and took right to it. When he was done with the first one, he asked for another. Yay!

These mini books from Hubbard’s Cupboard are just darling! I printed out the “I see a” book and he didn’t want to do it at first because he thought it was coloring (he hasn’t been too fond of coloring lately). Once he started, it seemed to be a real confidence booster for Blue because he could already read some of the words after completing the mazes. The words he was unfamiliar with were the ones pictured.


I made a key for him (on the left) which had him circle each word a different color.

He also did another one I found on 3 Dinosaurs. They had Do-A-Dot printables for free on the website, which never really interested me, but when I saw what the author did with them for her older children, I wanted Blue to “Do-A-Dot” too. She simply changed her printer settings to create multiple words on one page. By doing this, her children were able to “dot” the words with a marker.

It worked on his fine motor skills without getting bored of handwriting. And, it still gave him some recognition and spelling basics.

I cut ours apart so that he didn’t have too many to work with at once and so that we could use the cards for more activities that same day.

We used them to build a word train. This activity seemed to take all he had in his attention span to complete, but he did it with help.

We already had the Lego Duplo train set and zoo set:

Lego Duplo My First ZooLego Duplo Number Train Set

(click on the images to purchase from

And it was easy to add the little golden letter stickers:


I did many of the blocks with one letter on each side, and then I added some common letter combinations to some of the larger-sided blocks.

I started him with only four words for this activity, and while it took dedication (on both our parts), we made a word train:


This is something both Blueberry Ball and Raspberry Bug can enjoy for probably a few more years yet. Blue likes the challenge of making words while Red practices her letter recognition.

I added built-in storage to the lid for the cards, which may work for older children, but…


It’s not a great idea for toddlers. Red had it torn off in a matter of minutes. =0

The word train actually made me wish we had more Legos.

Then we went outside for some gross motor play. I taped the cards up on the garage door and gave him a soft ball. Then I would call out a word for him to throw the ball at. He got tired pretty quick chasing after the ball each time, so I changed it to slap-a-word.


He must have played this for over an hour! It was a huge success.

We also did some of the “Read, Write, Stamp” worksheets. Again, I cut these apart so he didn’t feel overwhelmed with too many at once.


We don’t have any stamps, so I asked him to free-hand the words in the boxes at the bottom. His handwriting is definitely coming along!

I found a great High Frequency Sight Words Video. We mainly use it for when I’m getting the next activity ready or when I’m making their lunch. Blue calls some of them out already and Red enjoys humming along to the tune.

It’d be annoying to just sit and watch with your kids, but it’s great to fill their gap-times with. I just try to make sure that when they watch it, they are paying attention to the screen and not some toy or other school activity. The whole point of this video is to help them associate the written word with the spoken sounds.

Probably our favorite sight word activity so far has been “Sight Word Hopscotch”. I grabbed the sidewalk chalk and drew a grid. I then placed a word into each square. He picked a favorite rock and tossed it onto one of the squares. I told him to jump onto all the squares except the one with the rock on it. Each word he jumped to, he had to identify. He said each word in the same sing-song sounds as the video.Too cute!


He stayed at this one forever! I finally had to tell him to come in. We will surely be using this one as a stand-by boredom-crusher in the future.

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