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My Little Pony = His Little “Break”

Monday I’d decided to step completely outside our norm and Blueberry Ball’s recent “routine”- or lack there of and go for something fun!

I am by no means an advocate of television in general and I try to use it as little as possible at home. I cannot wait until Blue is able to grasp the full reality of subliminal messaging and government propaganda, and rest assured future writing assignments (when he’s able to read and write) will involve him delving deep into that rabbit hole! But, for now I’ve taken the Mark 7:15  stance:

Nothing outside a person can defile them by going into them. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them

Having said that, I’ve found very little I dislike about some choice programs and I try to choose from this small handful when selecting a show. I mainly try to keep selections with an educational or spiritual feel to them which leaves a very small window of wiggle room for just plain fun.

Among those choices, I have allowed My Little Pony. I think the characters are just irresistibly cute and Blue and Red just eat it up. They don’t teach a whole lot except for basic values like friendship and sharing, but I figured he needed a fresh breath of something fun!

As most of you know by now, we have a pretty relaxed school “schedule” right now until we know where we are going to be moving. I’ve stuck mainly with handwriting, reading time, and addition with added fun here and there when Mommy has the time.

My Little Pony Printables[5]

So, when I found the free My Little Pony Printable Pack on One+One=One I got pretty excited for the upcoming week. Blue was absolutely thrilled (ecstatic really) when he got a sneak peak at the pages I was printing out! I don’t think he even knew that he could have school work with a television theme to it.

I like how she used the pony toys to create worksheets. I may have to do that myself with some of our toys soon!

We started off with line tracing:


Blue always has fun with these, and it almost doesn’t matter the theme. He pretends he’s helping the characters get to the other side.


Then, he did the shape tracing one. He was “making houses for the ponies”. =)


Next, he did “Cutting and Gluing Fun”. He liked the matching game and I was kind of surprised at how well he stayed focused on this one.


I’m afraid the sorting game got a little jumbled, but he knew where his lines were… or ended up… he knew what he was doing.


He may have liked the last one from this pack best. He always enjoys mazes. He followed the letter “Pp” to help the pony find her friend.

I think everyone’s favorite this week came from a different site entirely, though.  All day Monday I kept telling him Mom would unpack the paints if he did all his work. To be honest, this momma wasn’t too thrilled about unpacking anything considering we haven’t commenced with the move yet, but all of that frustration went out the window when I saw how happy it made my little ones. I LOVE homeschooling- moving or not!

007 008


On LauraThoughts I found these absolutely priceless free printables. They are designed for “q-tip paintings”. It was a brilliant idea for fine motor development. And Blue actually tried to stay in the circles (at first anyway). His Spike picture was.. well, picture perfect:


Of course, he had to do one of each, and of course, Mom was prepared. His patients got smaller with each subsequent one. Spike was by far the best.


Red enjoyed it as well. She stayed on the same page the entire painting period! She very politely requested “Pinky” right off the bat.


Of course her motor skills nor her attention span is good enough at the age of twenty one months to dot the circles, but she knew they were circles. =)



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