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Red Light Green Light Addition: Blank Template

I’ve written in the past of how well the “red light green light” method has helped my son learn the preliminary steps to tracing letters. He already understood how traffic lights work and he has been an excellent backseat driver since he could talk. I guess he takes after Daddy on that one =).

So when we began printing practice with the ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum, he ran with it. They did a great job using a green dot to show where to start and a red dot to know when to stop. He knew the yellow means go slow, so it was great that the author made these with yellow lines as well. These worksheets helped Blueberry Ball to enjoy writing practice when he hadn’t before. When he was using these worksheets, he usually pretended to make a road for cars to go on, or that his marker was the car. It was just what he needed and it was even the inspiration for some of the printing practice found in my Green Eggs And Ham Pack.


I found an awesome way to incorporate the left to right, top to bottom rule with addition, too.The first box green, second box yellow, and third box, red (go, slow, stop). It allows him to visually focus in on a problem at a time instead of getting lost or bouncing around the page.

Even though I have all the Adobe programs and can work with them pretty well, I still prefer the good old-fashioned paint program for easy things like this. And it allows me to be able to share editable materials with all of my viewers. Having said that, this is the first of probably many more math worksheets I will be publishing for your own home or classroom use.

This one has no pictures on it (hence, blank template), so feel free to use it as is with manipulatives. You can also freehand your own drawings or shapes under the boxes, or open the document with Photoshop or Paint and get creative! Let me know if this as helped you out. I would love to see how and maybe even feature your work on Home School On A Dime as well!

As with all other printable freebies on this site, I ask that you not use this for monetary gain in any way. If you wish to share this material, please link to this page and do not share the file itself. Thank you for understanding.

Blank Addition Template

To download, right click on the picture and “save image as”. When you print it out, remember that it should be on a landscape setting and it will most likely work best when you fit the image to page. Please tell me if you have any issues with this, and I will fix them as soon as possible. Enjoy!





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