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Island Winter Sensory Bin

We finished with our week very early last week. Blueberry Ball blew through his work and Raspberry Bug colored and even did stickers almost every day last week (not bad for 18 months, eh?)! As a reward for all of their hard work, I decided we should do our sensory and outdoor play early.

It doesn’t snow here in Hawaii during the Christmas Season, so I decided to give them a snow bin. Growing A Jeweled Rose has an endless amount of fun “snow” recipes to choose from. I had difficulty deciding!

I eventually settled on two different ideas: First, I mixed shaving cream with baking soda. I didn’t realize that my can of shaving cream was blue, but that works, too. I think it kind of gave them the illusion that it was colder than it actually was. That worked really well. When you get the ratios right, it actually packs similar to snow. It sat in the fridge overnight, but it did warm up pretty quickly. Next time, I think we’ll go for the freezer!

Then, I added slime. I didn’t add color to this batch because I wanted that pure, white, snowy look. has lots of slime recipes to choose from.


Next, I added toys. I was kind of surprised by how little winter-themed toys my Hawaiian Keiki had. This was when I decided that I would make it an “island winter theme”.  We just use what we have as much as possible. “On A Dime”, right? (Speaking of which, how do you like my turkey pan up cycle?) =)

I added his Toob whales and dolphins toys to the slime. I had to press them slowly and firmly into it to get them to adhere for the display. It’s a strange substance and (I think) the ratios on the recipe I chose were off, so pay attention when making it.

Then, I added his Toob buildings to the fluffy blue powder. I scooped them through it first and it looked like snow actually fell onto them.

It can’t be an island Winter without palm trees, so I had to add those as well.

Finally, I placed a bridge, a couple of golf balls, and a bunch of large plastic crystals to the whole bin. I added two shovels and let them at it!

024The shaving cream is almost always their favorite, and adding the baking soda seemed to make it even more fun. Raspberry Bug went right to work shoveling it out little by little. I think I must have the shiniest lanai in all of Hawaii right now! Blueberry Ball started off packing it with his shovel. Then, he moved on to the slime. It hardens when you leave it alone for a while, so he began the task of chipping away at it. At some point, he discovered the slime changes upon gentler contact. Then, he tried mixing them all together with his hands. All the while, Raspberry was still shoveling “snow” out of the shaving cream side. Blue unsuccessfully tried to put it back:


They played all morning long! Every time it seemed as though they were loosing interest, I added a new substance. Rice:


Probably a great idea when using white rice or instant rice, but the brown rice really didn’t give me the effect I was going for. Nonetheless, the kids enjoyed it. Red continued to shovel the mixture out onto the pavement in small increments.


Lastly, just before the hose-down we added ice! Red went straight for the first one she could grab and ran into the opposite corner of the lanai with it. She placed it on the ground and slid it around with two fingers for quite a while. Yay for the bonus fine motor practice! Blue just kept mixing. The pattern continued until they lost interest at about the same time. It was great fun!

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