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Green Eggs And Ham Pre-K Pack


I’m so excited to introduce my first-ever Printable Preschool Package: Green Eggs And Ham. I couldn’t find many Dr. Suess printables for free online, so I decided to create my very own line.

The pack ended up being quite large, and as a result, it was easier to just do it as a pdf file.

Included in this nineteen-page download is:

  • Home School On A Dime Title Page
  • Three Pages of Prewriting Practice
  • The handwriting Mini Book
  • Sam Coloring Page
  • Fried Eggs Color Recoginition Sheets for younger children:010
  • Sam Gets Creative With Food Activity Sheet:009
  • Which One’s Different:011
  • Cutting Practice
  • Small Deck of Memory Cards
  • Fox In Box Size Sequencing Worksheet
  • Clip Cards: numbers 1-16:
Please share this download with others via this post, not the document itself. This download is intended for personal or classroom use only. This download was not intended for any individual or entity to profit monetarily from. These documents were created under the protection of  The Fair Use Act. Click here to download:
Green Eggs And Ham Preschool Pack


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