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Homeschool On A Dime: Tuesday’s Runaway Bunny Activity Box

Wow! Blueberry Ball has his learning spark back this week! He blew through almost everything before lunch today.

We started in the kid’s room. They each went to their special reading spots and listened with their “blankies” as I read the story of Hannah and baby Samuel. This time we got to read from The Beginning Reader’s Bible. I ordered it after last week’s skimpy Gideon story. It was very lacking in the Beginner’s Bible and I found myself filling in parts with my own words because there was no meat to the story otherwise. It’s great to have an easier Bible and a more challenging one. I think Blue feels more grown up when I read him books that are in chapter format. Raspberry Bug doesn’t usually sit all the way through, but it’s good practice for an eighteen month old anyway, and she is free to roam the room during story time. Blue listened all the way through, and even shared his Compassionate Characters with his sister. I think the new Reading Space was well worth the effort!

Then, we sang the memory verse a couple of times together and moved to the dining table for his coloring sheet from ABCJLM:


I also gave him a lacing card made out of yesterday‘s coloring page to do in his free time.

Then, we did the “I Can Serve God” worksheet together. I thought this one  would be too hard for him to understand, but he actually gave me phrases for almost every slot! I placed it by his bed on the wall so that when he wakes up, he can think about how he is going to serve God today. This was an activity I had placed in the folder for Wednesday or Thursday, but he was excited on Tuesday, so we did it on Tuesday.

After that, we went back to The Reading Space for Runaway Bunny using the free props from Home School Creations.  I think that it has really helped Blue to switch spaces frequently like this. It kept him engaged and intrigued.

The Runaway Bunny

Next, we went back into the dining room (yes, again) to do the rest of Blue’s yellow notebook (the new activity box).

He started with the “Which One Is Different” worksheet from the Home School Creations Printable Pack:


Then, he did a handwriting worksheet from the same pack. I was shocked at how precise he was this time:


He also colored the fish and the rock. =) You can still see where he gets frustrated and starts to scribble, but that happened significantly less than usual with this worksheet.

Then we did cutting practice. There were square shaped pics on the same page as his reading prompts from Yesterday. I just went ahead and let him use these for cutting practice. It was a more difficult feat with card stock, but he handled it like a pro!

Looking back, I’m sure we probably did more (we had nothing left in either folder by the end of the day), but I can’t recall any more. You should really check out this pack if you are looking for Runaway Bunny activities!



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3 thoughts on “Homeschool On A Dime: Tuesday’s Runaway Bunny Activity Box

    1. Welcome!Thank you so much for your support! I love the ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum and am blown away by how many of the Bible lessons speak to my son especially. We always add more to each week than just that and he usually soaks it all up and asks for more by Wednesday. I’m definitely becoming a follower of! You are the first one I have seen doing a similar format to mine. As always, feel free to let me know what you would like to see from my site in the future, or what you would like see improvement on. I started this site as a support system for me and those going through similar homeschooling and homemaking struggles as me. Follow me on wordpress and on facebook! God Bless!


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