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Homeschool On A Dime: Monday’s Runaway Bunny Backpack

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Time for this mama to catch up on some posts.

Last week off gave me a lot of time to catch up on organization. (Hopefully I’ll be able to share some of that with you soon, too). One of the spaces I reorganized was our living/school area, so a few things may look different. Blueberry Ball now has a folder for each day instead of having it all in the bigger containers I was using. To make my posts fluent, I will probably stay with “Backpack Mondays” and “Activity Box Tuesdays“. The folders hold the same things as the backpack and bulky activity box did. Anything bulkier is tucked away in my Homemade Paper Trays. This makes clean up way easier for us and gets rid of that bulky basket. After all, we are using half a living room for our main learning area and Mommy’s office.

Monday is the purple folder. We started off with bubble painting. I liked this idea from Week 13 a lot! Too Bad I kept dropping them in the bowl. I think our water was too shallow:



The left side is what the entire heart was supposed to look like- a really neat marbled/circled effect. I added the Memory Verse to the Heart Printable myself, which made it really easy for me to tie everything in.

I liked the idea of relating catching bubbles on a paper heart to God catching our prayers in his heart. A Good Analogy. I did avoid a subject here, though. The Lesson Plans suggest saying that the prayers go up to heaven where God catches them. I didn’t mention that one because it isn’t entirely true. while God does have a Heavenly throne, He is also everywhere. Blue is well aware of this already, but still has difficulty grasping how. We have tried explaining these concepts many different ways, but I think it’s too abstract for his preschool mind right now. So, to avoid further confusion, we just didn’t use the Heaven part.  Besides, for us, it was a matter of explaining the meaning of “heart” in this sense and recovering the difficult word, “faith”.

We also did the letter of the week. I placed a paper “I” stencil over his canvas, but the bubbles crept underneath it anyway. It was worth a shot, right?

Then, all three of us read the story of Hannah praying for a baby while we were still on the patio.

After that, I held up the memory verse card and sang it to the tune of “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring”.

Then, I brought Blue to the dining table to do the first page in his purple folder, the Bible coloring sheet. This one is from ABCJLM Week 13:


(Oops; that one’s blurry. Sorry guys.) He made baby Samuel match his Mommy. Purple all the way around!

Next, the three of us read Runaway Bunny in the new reading space I created for them. Yet another project I was able to tackle this week! They each have their own “comfy spot” and they listen a lot better this way. Hopefully the new won’t wear off too quick! Blue got to use some really cute mini reading props for Runaway Bunny. I got the props, and the other Runaway Bunny printables free from a Pack At Homeschool Creations.

Then, I let Blue do the remaining folder. He did a handwriting worksheet really well this time:


Then he did his Number 11 Poster:


Blue placed eleven dot stickers on The Poster.

After that, I had him count the sides of my Pentagonal Pyramid.I offer these three-dimensional shape manipulatives for free on my blog. Let me know what you think!

Finally, after a good nap, Blue wanted to do the final activity in his folder. I is for insects:



We got this stickers from Grandma. They came in a Giant Melissa and Doug Pad.I first told him the differences between bugs and insects. Then, I had him point to the ones that were i-i- insects. I peeled them and he stuck them.

Wow. Nothing left for Wednesday =) What a great Monday!








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