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Home School On A Dime: Wednesday’s Thanksgiving Paintings And The Walls Of Jericho

I have very quickly grown to love our painting days! Today we painted some homemade “instruments” in preparation for knocking down our very own walls of Jericho after nap time. I kept this really simple. Instead of getting creative and going all out trying to explain how a xylophone works to a three year old, I decided to go an easy-and just as loud- approach. We mostly had pots and pans. Then I added some spoons, a foil pie tin, and some paper towel tubes. then I strung a bunch of disposable coffee cup lids together. And Blueberry Ball liked pouring the rice into paper plates to make a tambourine/ maraca.

Blue and Red helped each other paint the tubes and paper plates and then we moved on to our turkey craft.


I figured I would take advantage of living in Hawaii this year  and make ice cube paintings in the middle of fall!

First, I placed a piece of card stock on each cookie sheet. I then cut a turkey from construction paper and placed that on top of the card stock(I  free-handed the turkey myself. Not bad, eh?). I topped the two papers with a large magnet:


The magnet was there to keep the papers from blowing in the wind and to keep the turkey still while they painted over it. We also found it helpful to go around the edges of the turkey with a damp cloth.

Then, I placed a couple of ice cubes on each tray and had Blue add salt. The kid’s would dip the paintbrush in paint and push the ice cube around with their brush.

This resulted in two distinct works of art in one. Blue’s turned out better than expected:


Raspberry Bug moved her magnet and turkey before she was done, so her turkey head didn’t turn out:


They turned out looking like very bold watercolors. When these come off the bulletin board at the end of the week, they will definitely receive a place in our home as seasonal decor this year! Maybe I’ll add a scripture about Thanksgiving to the centers? I don’t know yet!

Blue had a lot of water on top of his so I blotted it with a rag before pulling the turkey up.

When the kid’s woke up from nap time, I had all of the instruments out on the floor in a big circle with all of their foam blocks in the center. Those walls of Jericho were being destroyed and rebuilt for about an hour and a half straight. Pretty good given their normal attention spans! I could have focused more on Blue’s motor skills, or patterns, or counting with the blocks, but I felt it was important to give his sissy a chance to interact a bit, too. especially since she helped paint them all. And twice the kids was twice the noise too; they sure had fun!

Sorry there weren’t more pictures.It really was a great day. And Thursday was a Birthday in the family, so we stopped the week a bit early.

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