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Home School On a Dime: Tuesday’s Goodnight Moon Activity Box

Day two of “taking breaks” throughout the day and it went just as well (or better) than day one! For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, my sincere apologies – just got a bit excited there. This week I started a system with Blueberry Ball that allows him to take a “break” after he’s completed three or four activities. He asked me for more breaks at the start of the week, so he now alternates between “break time” and school time. What he doesn’t know is that these “breaks” are his school thanks to Blue’s Free Style Art Center and his new membership to Starfall! I love the Starfall games more every time I watch him play. This program teaches about all kinds of things that his attention span simply won’t allow me to teach so productively. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to make their child hungry for learning! Oh, I’m sorry, did I say that yesterday?… I promise they aren’t paying me to do so.     =)

We started off the day with his calendar (oh,yeah, and  Starfall does that too!) then we moved on to the coffee table where I had his first line up.



First, was Bible time. I read him the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho while he did his Compassionate Characters beside me. Then, he said his memory verse. The first time, I said it and waited for him to repeat after me. Next, we added all of the memory verses covered so far in the year and he tossed his stuffed-sock-beanbag at them one at a time until they were all said… sung…. he sang most of them to his own tunes. He’s really starting to like the memory verses more. I think it’s good for him to have  a fun game to do with them every Tuesday. He’s started to anticipate it as part of his routine.

Last in the line-up was his letter “Gg” book and Goodnight Moon. He really likes the props I printed from Home School Creations. It does exactly what the Compassionate Characters do except this is for a specific book. The props allow him to pay attention and listen for cues to raise them up or do motions with them (in this case, the cow jumping over the moon).


Then he took a break while I got the counting stars worksheet out (also from Home School Creations). Blue had fun with this, too. I told him to pick a number and he chose five. He cut and glued the number five, then the five stars. I cut the numbers and stars into single rows before hand and it worked just as well as a cutting practice sheet only better – added counting and gluing.


(Sorry for the shaddows. The sun was at my back. 🙂  )

After he did that, I brought him over to the new dry erase board I created for him. His new Tactile letters and numbers were waiting there for him and we said the new chants. Then he got to practice writing the letter G. My printer is on the blink this week, so this was the best I could do. Blue gets frustrated doing free-hand writing still. It makes him very upset to see the differences between his G and Mommy’s G, which is why we usually do tracer pages. Not to mention the white boards had pretty small line spaces. Needless to say, I gave him a star for trying one “G” and one “g”. Then, he did the line tracing pages from the free printable pack.

Handwriting is something that should never be forced upon a preschooler. I don’t want Blue to dislike writing- he’s technically already ahead and he will be doing lots of writing soon enough, anyway!

Next, he did a craft I’ve been pretty excited about. I normally wait to catch up on Monday’s work until Thursday, but I saw an idea like this at Mrs. Russel’s Creative Class and haven’t forgotten it since. I really wanted to make sure it got done; it was too cute not to. I had a coffee filter moon, a sheet of star stickers and the appropriate colors and shapes of paper all in a zip top baggy ready.


I showed him what the bunny was able to see from his window. I asked him what he saw, and he copied it.  I was expecting him to get tired of doing it before he used the whole sheet of stickers, but it turned out really nicely. It ended up being more than just a craft, too. He sorted the stars by color and counted them as well!

Then Blue told me he didn’t want to add the red part. He said that it was dark in his Bible. I couldn’t figure out what he meant by that, so he grabbed his Bible and searched through it for the picture he wanted to show me. It was this one:

012Rahab sneaking two godly men from her window. He said, “See, Mom? Her window doesn’t look red, it just looks dark inside. I was surprised by his retention on this story considering his attitude that he’s held with Bible time recently and the fact that it had been hours since we read the story for the second time ever. Just more proof that God answers prayers. I haven’t seen him this interested in a story from the Bible since the beginning of the school year with Adam and Eve. It made my heart so happy; Thank You God!

He ended up asking me to do the red strips, which was fine, he did a lot of star stickers! Now I just wish I could come up with a craft using Rahab’s window…. yeah, let me know if you know of one; I got nothing.

Tomorrow, we are going to make instruments to knock down our own “walls of Jericho”! If we have time, we will also do some fun Thanksgiving crafts.



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