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Homeschool On A Dime: Monday’s Goodnight Moon Backpack

The kids did great for school today! If you have been reading, you are well aware that Blueberry Ball has been having trouble focusing. He told me very politely last week that he would like to take more breaks in between activities so I decided to try a different approach to our routine.

Do you remember the Bible activities we did on the coffee table last Tuesday? I lined up three activities on the coffee table for him to complete before beginning his school day. Blue seemed to do well with that. He finished all three activities and hardly got distracted in between.

So, I decided I was going to do a similar line up for all of the activities in his backpack today. Each line up of three to four activities was followed by a “break”. I didn’t turn on the tv, and for the next ten minutes I would let him choose what he wanted to do. The beauty of this is that I recently purchased a membership to Starfall. Guess what he chose to do on most of his breaks? Oh, you know, fun stuff like greater than and less than, reading, addition, – not that boring school stuff! By the way, I highly recommend this program to any child who can hold a mouse already. I never expected him to having such complex learning time so early in his school.   =) On top of that, Raspberry Bug enjoys watching him. I hook my laptop up to the big screen, and catch her copying words and phrases on the games repeatedly as Blue plays.

Blue did today’s activities relatively smoothly (especially when he realized he could hurry through and get ten more minutes on the computer – incentive!).

We did our Bible Time together with Blue’s Compassionate Characters. Then, we read the memory verse together. I read it, and had him copy what I was saying. “By faith the walls of Jericho fell down -Hebrews 11:30” He still doesn’t understand the concept of faith yet, so this gave me a brief opportunity to explain how faith made everything possible in the story of the wall in Jericho. He still doesn’t get it. He probably won’t fully understand this concept until a few years down the road, but I want to expose him to the terminology and ways of thinking early on to ready his mind for the things he will learn later.


Then, we read his G book and Goodnight Moon.


He liked the props we used for Goodnight Moon. He raised them as I came across the moon and cow in the story. They were designed for Hey diddle diddle to be paired with the Goodnight Moon book. We may use them for both stories tomorrow.

Next, I showed him our shape of the week on the wall. My printer is not working this week so I free-handed a pentagon for him.


We sounded out the name of the shape together and I asked him how many sides a pentagon has.

We then did a sorting and gluing activity. I explained to him the difference between pairs and singles and he did the rest.


This worksheet also came from the free printable pack on Home School Creations.

Then blue did a coloring sheet while Red did her crayon time on blank paper. I noticed that Blue doesn’t pay attention to the lines as much as he used to so I propped the book up in front of his coloring page where he could see it. Then, I had him pick an item from the coloring page to match with the item in the story book. Then, he would color it accordingly.


He did this until he felt like the picture was done and moved on. Normally he would color a whole page, lacking in precision, but today he colored specific pieces of the picture with a great deal of focus. It was a really good exercise.  It went from being  a simple coloring page to practice in focusing, logic, fine motor, and matching.

Next, we did the number of the week craft. He was proud to show the number nine to Daddy!


I like that he took “breaks” throughout the day. He enjoyed it too! He even took some time to create using his tracing grab bag from his free-style art center. I showed him how a couple of them could be used, and he filled the page. He had some difficulty keeping the pieces from moving, but it was great practice!


By the way, a good addition to the tracing grab bag at our home has been magnetic letters. See the “m” I made?

All of this took until about ten thirty this morning. The idea is to end school by the time his nap ends at one, but the last two weeks, Blue hasn’t been participating as much as he normally would.  Today was a success! And this mommy was able to catch up on the housework with time to spare!



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