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Homeschool On a Dime: Fire Themed Weekend Sneak-ins

My goal for a home school week is to start off structured- ish and relax more and more throughout the week. You can find more on how our week is planned in my weekly prep checklist series. Start with the first one: Weekly Household Routine. From there you can click the links on the bottom to view specific days.

Our weekends are completely free of any plans. We do whatever we want to do on Saturdays and Sundays, but when we finished this week off, I was a bit disappointed. We didn’t have enough focus or attention this week for half the stuff I had prepped. It’s hard for mommy to realize sometimes that she just over planned! Not to mention Blueberry Ball has been fighting his Monday and Tuesday routines more lately (I’ll have an attempted answer to this issue in the morning.)

There was one thing that I hadn’t had a chance to try with him all week. Remember the Homemade Addition Ramps I showed you at the beginning of the week? Then you also remember that I placed this fire hydrant up on top of the free-style art center under Blue’s bulletin board. I thought that if I placed it in the room’s display, it would peak his interest and get him motivated to try it.


Nope. He took no interest in it for six out of the seven days.

So, my answer was to have it waiting and ready to go on the floor for him when he woke up this morning. That did the trick!

I placed glass aquarium rocks in plastic wine glasses. They looks a little like water drops, right? Then I added measuring spoons for Blue to count individual rocks. I like how much Blue concentrated on using the scoop and counting at the same time. He was precise and accurate!


I didn’t even have to introduce the topic of addition to him. He already grasped the concept by playing his starfall games online. He knew it was “a plus sign for adding” and he already knew what he was supposed to do with the cups! I showed him how to pour the cups into the ramps to fall into his equal sign basket.


Now that Raspberry bug is older (no longer putting things in her mouth), she was able to get involved as well!


She didn’t participate in the fire hydrant addition game, but she did do sensery, fine motor, and gross motor play! And even coordination. Those glasses get a bit top heavy.

It was a huge success! They both kept coming back to this activity throughout the day. They got hours of entertainment while learning. I liked that it didn’t require my immediate instruction. Everything that they were coming up with for play was educational in a new way! I will be implementing more manipulative play like this in the future. I’m glad we did it!



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