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Home School On A Dime: Tuesday’s Fire Safety Activity Box

Tuesday’s homeschool days are planned around the recognizing and recalling of both old and new materials. It allows Blueberry Ball to put the new things he is learning into an understandable context. Read Tuesday’s Weekly Prep Checklist for more information about the preparation that takes place on mommy’s end to make the activity boxes happen.

I began the week thinking that I didn’t have enough printed off for Blueberry Ball this week. I guess I over compensated a bit because he had almost twenty separate activities (and that’s not including Bible Time, Book of the Week, and our fire hydrant addition ramps). Needless to say, we will probably have enough left over to do tomorrow.

We started the day off with our calendar from starfall.

Then we did our Bible Time. Today, I pulled all of the Bible activities from his activity box and lined them up on the coffee table in specific order. This kept our priorities in check and prevented a disorganized workspace.


First, we read the story of Moses and the ten commandments using his Compassionate Characters. I then had him copy what I was saying as I read the Memory Verse Cards. He wanted me to sing it for him, too. I should really get a CD soon so that they don’t all sound the same…


Next on the table’s line up was the bean bag memory verse game. Just the memory verse cards and an old stuffed sock (not the most attractive, but it gets the job done). We place all of the cards face down on the floor and have Blue throw the bean bag toward them. Whichever one it lands on, he recites. I think he enjoyed it today. I’m learning the key to keeping him interested is to just jump in when he gets stuck. He at least still hears it this way, and pays attention long enough to go to the next one.


The last item on the Bible table was something that had his eye since before breakfast time. It was the Ten Commandments Train. I placed these printouts on top of Mommy’s Bible  so that we could go over the ten commandments while taping them all together on the table. He listened very well, and I had him repeat the simplified version (one is on each print out) for each car. I want to eventually make a laminated version of these for both kids to play with. Maybe with Velcro?  Until then, this will hang underneath our bulletin board til I am ready to move it alongside Blue’s bed. That way he can at least see it frequently.

We then moved on to the clip cards. Blue didn’t really understand that they were supposed to stay inside the plastic sleeves, so that activity was kind of messed up. But he liked the presentation! It was one of the first things picked from the box.


Then Blue did his handwriting sheets while Raspberry Bug did some free coloring.


We then did a maze from the same printable pack. It was a challenge for him, but he always enjoys these. He kept getting turned around and retracing his steps.


 It was a letter sequencing activity, too, but he still struggles to understand how to place things in order. I like that they combined a logic sheet with an alphabet sheet. And are these free printable packs cute or what?!


Then we had fun making the letter “F” with green scotch tape. I had the tactile011 letter for capitol ‘F’ hanging beside a blank piece of construction paper. He placed the tape and  the “red light, green light dots” (Blue’s words not mine) using office dots. He had so much fun with this that he asked if he could do a “D” too. “yeah…. ‘D’ is going to be too hard using tape….” So we set up “A” and “E” for him to review as well.

We didn’t have time to cover much else. Really, we didn’t even get around to reading the book of the week until bed time.I like that we were able to spend an unusually long amount of time in Bible Time today.

We didn’t get our fire safety home checklist and real fire drill done today. I can’t wait to do that tomorrow. Then he can do his fire hydrant addition ramps!



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