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Homeschool On A Dime: Monday’s Fire Safety Backpack

The Mondays in our home were designed for the purpose of  introduction to new books, Bible stories, and other topics using mainly crafts, coloring, and worksheets.You can read my Weekly Prep Checklist for Monday’s Backpack to help you get started on your own. Or you can read Weekly Household Routine post to see what homeschooling goals I try to keep in mind for my children on specific days.

We started the day using the free Starfall calendar activity  which the free ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum recommended. Then Bible time. We read the story of Moses and the ten commandments. Then, he wanted to read  about the giant (the story of David and Goliath). I was more than happy to read extra of the Bible to him, and even more thrilled that he asked for something other than Adam and Eve for once. =)

Then, I read the memory verse of the week to him. “Honor your father and your mother as the Lord your God has commanded you. ~ Deuteronomy5:16” This gave me an opportunity to talk about the meaning a little bit. We discussed what it meant to “honor” father and mother and that was one of God’s ten rules to obey. Then, as I got his markers and coloring pages ready, we repeated the new memory verse card together. I would say a line, then he would copy it until it was all said a couple of times.


I used the driving analogy found in ABC Jesus Loves Me this week. I simply used the analogy for discussion as he colored some of his Bible coloring pages. The idea is basically that the roads would all be chaotic and dangerous without signs telling us what the rules are. It kept him focused, and it lasted about as long as his attention span. He’s enjoyed traffic talk and backseat driving ever since he found out what the red and green street lights mean! It is a cute idea to use a paper plate steering wheel as you talk, too. Check it out here.

Then, we introduced the number of the week. I had circle stickers and the number eight poster in construction paper both in a zip top bag in his backpack. Raspberry Ball got a number eight poster printed on copy paper to go with her crayons. She got to witness us discussing the number eight and count the dots as she was coloring. I also repeated the word ‘eight’ and pointed to her page numerous times as she colored.


I thought it was a good time to try to expose Red to numbers now. She already pretends to count (she strings together number words in random order when playing)

When she was done, I let her down for free time while Blue and I did a name game. I printed his name out and glued it onto construction paper in advance. I placed the paper and a sheet of letter stickers in a zip top bag for his backpack.


I should have chosen my font more carefully, because he didn’t recognize the ‘a’ written that way. He did well nonetheless, and placed the matching sticker underneath each letter on his construction paper. I think he enjoyed it.

Blue LOVED the new dot stickers. I usually have to help him because a lot of the stickers are too close together for  him to pull them off of the sheet. his fine motor skills aren’t up there quiet yet, and he’s at times the impatient perfectionist who doesn’t like to be taught how. He just wants to do it. That’s why these office stickers were so fantastic. He and I were so proud that he could do the stickers all on his own! We may just end up doing the majority of the number posters this way for now. I like the way it turned out.


Then, we read “A Day In The Life Of A Firefighter”. I wasn’t sure about how he would take the story because his books are usually very cartoon-like. This one is done with a photographed progression of “a day in the life of a firefighter”, and seemed geared more for older children. However, I was surprised by how much he loved it! He was happy to see the fire fighter, Rob Green holding his daughter at home. Any babies remind him of his sister. Then, the story took us through a visit to a business for a fire safety check, some school children visiting the station, truck and hose maintenance, and, yes, a fire in someones home. Rob Green ends up being recognized as a hero in the story without really saying it with words.

There were so many things that Blue liked about this story. He liked that the book had sight words on each page to discuss, and he even asked me to read them all to him in the back of the book.

photo 1

photo 2photo 3

It intrigued him that the masked face looked so scary but we soon found out that there was a real person under it. I asked him if we are supposed to run from a masked faces that look like this one or if we should run to that face for protection. At first he thought he was supposed to run away from him, and understandably  so. It’s an intimidating mask, but I then flipped back to a page with Rob Green’s smiling face on it. “This is what it looks like under the mask. Are you still afraid? Do you still think you should run from him?” His response was awesome:” No, I think he is a good guy”

I like that the book pulls him in and captivates his attention while still challenging him to go a bit further in vocabulary and comprehension.

We then made a fireman’s hat. I found the printable for free at Teacher Vision. When I told him to color it, he first took a marker and went around the dotted line on the sheet that was actually a cutting guide. I may have him do this every time. It was an added bonus of handwriting practice! He wore his hat all day around the house during free time. He thought it was so funny that a dog was dressed up like a fireman.

Well, we didn’t get a chance to do his letter of the week project yet, so I will add that to the activity box tomorrow. Everything else will be saved for make up work on Thursday.

Tomorrow we will be delving into each topic a little deeper. We will go through our own fire safety home checklist. You will see which free printable pack I am using and how our Fire Hydrant Addition Ramps go over.



My family and I have made a decision to dedicate our lives to serve the Lord. We've started a seaborne, nonprofit Mission organization that is aimed at bringing the gospel and disaster relief to otherwise hard to reach areas. Follow us as we grow together in Him through our average day to day experiences. See how we make a family of five work aboard a small sailboat, follow us in the travels, projects, and experiences of day to day life as we share our calling with those we love.

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