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Organizing On A Dime: Linky Toys In The Closet

Blue was not focusing on his school well at all yesterday. He only completed three activities.  =( , so this mamma is going to do another one of her organization posts instead of the standard Monday’s Backpack post!

Remember those rings that link together and to other toys? The ones you’ve probably used for attaching a favorite playmate to the stroller for walks?

Well, if you still have yours, but your infant is no longer utilizing them, you can. And you can organize your closets and add more drawer space in the process.

I used these handy little gadgets to organize my daughter’s many tights and legwarmers. They were almost taking charge of a whole drawer by themselves. I simply placed them on the crossbar of her hanger (the part you would normally fold pants over) and looped the clothes through the rings.


I was able to fit 2-3 pieces on each ring, but for the sake of convenience, you could hang one item per ring instead.

It’s not just for tights and legwarmers, either. I could see using these for belts, tank tops, scarves, and neckties. I could also see using these in the laundry room for a drying rack. You could even use an extra ring in place of the hanger. Oooh…  I may end up purchasing more of these!

Or I may go for carabiners next. They are kind of interchangeable. The carabiners are a bit heavier, but the linky toys are less expensive. On a dime, right? Organizing Made Fun gave me 11 different ways to use  carabiners.

Have you been using any unconventional organization techniques in your home? Let me know and you could be featured in a post!



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