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Weekly Prep Checklist: Introduction To The New Series

If you have been following my blog, you are probably aware of our schedule by now.

My goal in creating these plans was to allow my children to get more comfortable with a structured school setting, while maintaining the fun in learning. The school week was purposely designed to start off with planned activities and lead into more spontaneous game and play-based learning. I feel it is important to get a healthy balance of both when it comes to younger children especially. This is what I came up with speaking in terms of Blueberry Ball:

  • Monday is “Backpack day”. This is when we introduce all of the new ideas using crafts and worksheets.
  • Tuesday is our “activity box day”. It is the day that we review everything that was introduced on Monday and add our already covered grounds. We do this using fun games and activities.
  • Wednesday is for review. We try to get as much of what was planned completed on Wednesday, and we cover any points Blue may have had difficulty with.
  • Thursday has more of a relaxed setting. This is where we do any activities left over that he is willing to do. When I can see that he has had enough, I let him do learning games on the computer.
  • Friday is Sensory and/or outdoor play. I ensure that they get there sun and fresh air in and we always inadvertently end up practicing the gross motor skills. Not to mention it’s just a great excuse to head to the beach!

I take a bulk amount (but not all) of the printouts and activities mentioned on Using this free Christian curriculum as my base, I try to incorporate it with either their book of the week (if we have it), or my own book of the week (if we don’t have the suggested book). Then, I add my own theme using free printables and printable packs that I find online. Book of the week, handwriting practice, and Bible Time are done every week day in varying forms.

I try to have everything planned out and prepared at least four weeks in advance. To help me do this, I use the Free Editable Four-Week Preparation Checklist.

We rarely cover everything planned each week, which is my goal. I want to give him lots of options while still keeping him excited and ready for more. -In simple terms- I try to keep it fun!

When I was prepping for this week, I realized I wasn’t doing a checklist for all the teacher things that have to happen at the end of each week. No biggy for some, but for me, it was huge. Lists are how I function. No wonder I have been forgetting so many activities lately.    =)   In fact, that’s pretty much what this blog is. It’s a big list!

This has been the inspiration for my first-ever series: My Weekly Prep Checklist. This is something I have to do anyway to keep my household running smoothly, so I am happy too share it.

If you would like to see what I do to prepare for each week’s lesson plans, keep reading. Follow my blog if you would like to receive updates by e-mail!

But, as with anything home school, I encourage you to make it your own. Add or take away from any of these lists to make them suitable for your unique child. I’d love to see your adaptations to these or other plans. Maybe you can give me some new ideas?

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