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Weekly Prep Checklist #1: Setting The Mood For Learning

I feel it is important to keep my children’s interests flowing by creating a fun, inviting, and exciting workspace.

This is important for two reasons:

1) Because it keeps a structure to the school room. If the space looks too radically different each week, it may seem disorganized or intimidating.

2) Because it keeps things fresh and exciting. If something catches his eye, he may want to learn about it.

These may seem like two opposing themes, but they go hand in hand. For us, I have found that it is a matter of keeping some things consistent and others different. It’s a balancing act. That is why I chose the schedule that I did.

A good way to create the right atmosphere is to have a special space for them to at least do their work. We have a display above our Free Style Art Center that I like to decorate. If your child doesn’t have at least a fridge to display art on, get one! It’s that important. Children thrive on positive feedback and love to show others their work.

This is how I do my mood display:

  1. For starters, I usually take the bulletin board art down by Saturday morning, saving the pages back for an end of the year book. I leave only the last memory verse learned and the upcoming letter poster. We don’t do anything with the letter posters, they are more of a visual aid for Blue so there is no need to place it with the other activities. It also gives him a little sneak peak to the upcoming week. The last-covered memory verse stays on the board to remind me to useit with Blue over the weekend. He usually needs it. Next week is week “F”, and the memory verse was Philippians 4:19 last week, so this is how the school room looks after the first step:


I leave his shapes out for visual cues, and Raspberry’s Color Recognition Boxes have a permanent home on top of the Free-Style Art Center . The number and letter posters from the previous weeks are placed on his bedroom door. This is a great way for him to remember what we have gone over in the previous lessons. I often find him using them to recall his letter formation rhymes! I also remove the Bible and place the new memory verse as the place marker for our new story. (Compassionate Characters were supposed to be in the pic as well. oops.)

2)I decorate our art cabinet (if you don’t have the space, you can skip to the box and backpack for this, or use a dining table or desk).

This does two things. It sets the mood and the theme for Blue to start getting excited, and it keeps my main objectives in focus as I prepare:


I place the shape of the week (if it isn’t 3D, it should already be on the bulletin board), book of the week, and Bible all on the table with the color recognition boxes. The printable pack I’m using this week comes with a cute poem, so I am including that in the center as well.

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