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Home School On a Dime: Wednesday’s Pumpkins

Blueberry Ball refused to do his Bible time and Compassionate Characters this morning. We are still trying to instill the right values by encouraging him to read first thing in the morning, but on days like this, I would rather give in now cover his Bible story before bed tonight. I wouldn’t want him to resent being forced to, so it is ultimately his choice. At least until he is old enough to grasp how much of a vital necessity it is.

Blue started the day off by stubbornly proclaiming that he doesn’t want to do any school today. I said,”Okay, you don’t have to. We can just paint or do play dough instead.” He ran off yelling “no” and brought me back some dice I had in his activity box since yesterday. He said “I want to do this game!” Yes! I love times like these that show me I am making learning fun! I made these dice from a cube template I printed out:


Putting the dots on it made it easy for Blueberry to add two dice together. I’m so glad I did that as a second thought!

He and Daddy had fun completing the worksheet together:


This is the first time he has really been able to take addition seriously. I was pretty impressed, and he was pretty surprised that he got a star for it. “That’s what school is, Silly. fun!”

He liked the dice so much that I made a memory verse game out of it. I numbered the verse cards 1-6 on the backs (good thing he is at an even six) and let him roll the dice and site the verse. “Whew, we fit the memory verses in after all.”

So then he was back to his eager self doing his pumpkin matching worksheet:


He did them all twice!

Raspberry Bug got her work completed as well. I had her open up her orange pencil box and she found orange crayons and orange tissue paper this time:


The tissue paper was a fascinating sensory item for Red. She opened it, wadded it up, and tore it up. Then she started saying she was hungry, so I grabbed an orange snack from our pantry:


It kept her preoccupied at her coloring station way longer than usual.

Then, we had some play dough fun. I wasn’t too pleased with the results of my play dough. It was too stiff and difficult for little fingers to work with. As a result, I will not burden you with the recipe. But we got ‘er done! You guessed it, we made pumpkins:

photo(112) photo(113)

I showed Blue how to mix the blue play dough with the yellow to make green stems. We discussed the shape of a pumpkin and the stem (circle and cylinder). We had the real pumpkins there to demonstrate. Red loved holding them and Blue used them as a visual aid and as a stamp. Red even learned how to say “pumpkin”!

I put the finished pumpkins in a zip-top baggy and hung them on the bulletin board.

Next, we are going to do our pumpkin decorating! Click on the picture below to see how that turned out:


We didn’t get everything done in the activity box this week, but that’s why I love the 3 Dinosaurs Packs, there is always enough to do. Whatever is left over at the end of my weeks end up in either files for the future or in Blueberry’s Free-Style Art Center.



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