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Home School On a Dime: Wednesday Night’s Pumpkin Paintings


Our set up was great. We had one baby pumpkin for each person and a butternut squash for the family to decorate together. Why butternut squash? Because they were all sold out of big pumpkins yesterday at two different stores. Oh, well. Maybe it will become a tradition. =) I put newspaper over our lanai’s table and added glitter, glue, paints, and brushes. Everybody painted their pumpkins and the adults poured glitter over some of them at the end.


I like the way the glitter tied everyone’s unique pieces together so well:


(Left to right: Raspberry Bug then Blueberry Ball, Daddy, then Mommy.)

Raspberry Bug started to get fussy right at the seven o’clock mark. She decided she wanted to hold the (“pumpkin”) butternut squash and that no one should paint it. So, we all got a couple of brush strokes in and I painted a face on it, then it was off to bed!


It was definitely a memory-making experience that everyone had fun with!

                           How did you decorate your pumpkins?






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