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Home School on a Dime: Tuesday’s Pumpkin Activity Box

First of all I wanna share a free printable I got from Yellow Bliss Road. These are intended as trick or treat bag labels, but I enlarged mine to 200% before printing so that I could use it for star incentives:


Cute huh? I’m not sure what I’ll do with a whole sheet of them, but maybe we will have an itsy bitsy spider week eventually =)

The goal number is written down prior to the beginning of the day. It is the number of activities that I am encouraging him to swing for. Today it is 13, but it varies depending on how many activities he has and how difficult they are. I always count them all and then subtract a few to give him some flexibility and choice. He has the option of doing more for more pennies if he wants to, bit some days he won’t even hit the target goal. I just feel like it’s good to try to instill goal-setting values when it comes to little ones. The earlier he can get these concepts down and feel proud of them, the earlier we can move on to more self-paced and self-led learning.

We started off the day with the starfall calendar and Bible time with our Compassionate Characters. Then we read the story of Adam and Eve because it’s his favorite. Then Blueberry Ball and Raspberry Bug watched The Beginner’s Bible For Kids Moses on youtube- and yes, my son had to follow that up with his favorite Bible story as well, so they watched The Beginner’s Bible for Kids Adam and Eve again. Blue can sing along to this one now and Red points out the “pent” (or serpent) and the “apple”. They did a pretty good job making these videos!

Then we did our “7” poster. We added seven stickers to this poster while counting them out loud:


Most of the time we just add his cutting practice pictures or extra patterning squares to the numbers, but I’ve had these Halloween stickers for a while now. It was time to use them up on something. And they gave him  great fine motor practice when he added a face to the pumpkin!

Next, we did his “Pumpkin Missing ABC” worksheet from the free printable pumpkin pack:


He did a pretty good job. I had to help him with “V” and “Z”. But he got pretty far considering the fact that he’s only on “E” in his letter of the week activities. (yes, his “E” is backwards, but he did it himself!) And he needed help with almost all of the lower-case letters, but the idea here is for us to keep introducing the alphabet both as a whole (in or out of order), and as single letters.

Then he did the handwriting sheets:


I like that 3 Dinosaurs included one with the entire alphabet for him to trace and one with all of the shapes along with the standard line tracings. The only shape I had to help with was the hexagon. Hexagon was last week’s shape, so I took this opportunity for him to count how many sides as I guided his hand across the shape. I think we will be looking for more shape tracing pages!

Next, I tried introducing the number lines that were included in the pack. I added a completed number line to try to make it easier for him (this was his first time being introduced to the line):


I don’t think he understood sequencing enough for this yet. I think we will re-introduce this topic after we’ve had more experience with number sequencing.

Blueberry ball hasn’t been his normal self this week, so this was all we were able to complete. Tomorrow we will use as a catch-up for any materials not covered, but we will try to keep it as fun and game-like as possible. See our Weekly Household Routine for more information on our scheduling.

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