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The Tracing Grab Bag

I found an amazing set at Target the other day. It was a set of twenty tools you can use with Rosart Fun Dough. I bought the package for only a dollar and it was all the kids wanted to do for school today. I had the idea to use these with his new paints as you have already seen. It worked surprisingly well considering they are designed for a different use.

That got an idea rolling in my head. I decided what my next addition to The Free Style Art Center would be and I already had everything I needed. I gathered their new dough set and a few cutters we had already, and a couple of added blocks, checkers, and cup tops that are no longer in use. I placed everything in an old beach drawstring bag.


Sometime this week he will learn what a stencil is. I don’t know if it’s above his capability still, or not, but there is only one way to know for sure!

He can grab this whenever he wants some stencils, cutters, almost all of these items are inter-changeable.

This is a great idea, because it’s easy to rotate out new items. I can use kitchen utensils, lids, buckets, buttons, foam shapes, the possibilities are endless. Especially if I keep hitting those Target sales! =)

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