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Home School On a dime: Monday’s Moses, Pumpkins, And Painting

Blueberry Ball stayed up later than usual last night. I didn’t know that I had to mention to the hubby that he was to make it to bed by seven on school nights. Adequate sleep is essential to homeschooling success for all who are involved. Needless to say, we got very little of what was planned out in the backpack done. I had planned activities from the free Pumpkin Pack I printed out weeks ago, but none of the pack was completed today. He didn’t want to do anything but play with the new paints and play dough toys that I bought for him. I had them waiting as a present in the living room this morning when he woke up. The idea was that I would use this as a reward for a job well done, but as it ended up, I used it as an incentive to get something-anything done.

He did start the day off well with Bible time. That is going much smoother now that he has his Compassionate Characters. And he even did his calendar and memory verse. This week we are studying the story of Moses parting the Red Sea. I had a fun craft planned for him to do. Maybe he wasn’t old enough? Or maybe he will like the finished product more after he has had the proper amount of sleep. Either way, I had to share a printable with you that I found for free from I think it will be useful tomorrow when we retell and recall the story together:


He likes the color orange right now… good thing we are in pumpkin week. I thought it was a cute way to bring the story to life. We don’t have a Bible felt board or anything, so this diagrama is hopefully going to be a nice alternative for this Bible story.

The rest of the day was difficult for us. He didn’t want to do any of the worksheets or games I had printed. I was excited about it, but he couldn’t care less. My solution? I grabbed all of the sheets I had printed on construction paper and pulled out the new paints he had his eyes fixated on. I’m not sure if this falls under poor discipline or creative teaching, but he got something educational completed. And, as a result, our bulletin board is no longer empty thanks to him-and his sister-painting some of the worksheets instead:


We took the “E is for Eggplant” and “Pumpkin” handwriting and coloring sheets from The original idea was to have Blueberry Ball glue faces from shapes onto the gourds, while Raspberry Bug would have one color that we repeat over and over as she colors her sheet. This is what actually happened:


I love how well the play dough tools worked for paint! These are going to be invaluable for school I can already see. And they were only a dollar at Target! It was a twenty piece set with a lot of cutters not pictured here. No handwriting today I suppose, but plenty of fine motor exercises for them both. Then we added more paper. I found a fall-looking tree laying somewhere near my desk (go figure) and quickly glued it to a yellow paper. Then I gave him the leaf cutter, and Red got a large piece of paper:

photo(87) photo(94)

Her first painting! ❤

I gave her a bag to decorate for trick or treating, but we may do two of them on sensory day instead. They finally ran out of steam with painting after over an hour. All in all, it was successful, yet nothing went as planned.

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