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Homeschool How-To #5: Paper Trays~A Cereal Box Make-over

I stressed in an earlier post how fast our family goes through cereal boxes. I needed some paper trays for some time now, so I decided to finally dedicate two of these valuable pieces to Mommy’s desk. Here, I have laid out easy instructions for you do do your own paper trays as well:

Pick some cereal boxes that fit your needs. I need something that will allow me to put lots of papers in one slot if need be. I also need to have room for construction paper or other things that may be slightly larger than your average  81/2″x 11″ sheet size. I got my boxes from a two pack of Cherios that Costco sells. I buy these frequently which may come in handy if I need any add ons.


Cut the flaps off and make certain that your edges are smooth. Then, staple the boxes together. Keep it as even as possible.

Next, just cover it in paper. You can use wrapping paper, construction paper, or some cute scrap booking paper. If you wanna get really fancy you could also use fabric. Just wrap it like a present. I used staples and tape, but you could also use hot glue or probably school glue. Leave your smooth edge of paper on the outer edge of the box and fold your bottoms down smooth. I wanted mine to be color-coded, so that I could find things easier, but you could make it all matchy and add labels.


I think it turned out pretty nice. Definitely nicer than papers scattered all over my workspace!

I don’t plan on using this for a lot of heavy things so far, but if you are wanting to, you may have to reinforce the sides and/or top with heavier cardboard.

I love how many different ways you can use these. They would make great standing file organizers as well. In fact, you could cut them at an angle on one side for this purpose:


Tell me what you think!



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