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DIY On A Dime: The Robot Costume

I don’t think I have ever bought a costume yet for my children. There is really no need. Between fabric and paper and old clothes, you can make just about any costume. This year Raspberry Bug is wearing a turkey outfit she received from a friend. I love costumes that are a fall/fun theme as opposed to a spooky or scary one!

Blueberry Ball has a game that he plays occasionally where he walks around with a robot voice saying, “Robot, Danger, Robot, Danger”. A robot seemed like the logical costume choice. He liked the idea when I showed him a couple of DIY robot costumes online. I grabbed two boxes- a smaller one for the head and a slightly larger one for the body.

photo(76)=) (Blue took this photo. Pretty good job huh?)

Then, I cut a hole in the bottom of the “head box” for Blue’s head to go through. This hole is not going to be seen when the costume is complete, so I just made sure that he could get his head in there. I then cut a square hole so that Blue can see. His face will be the robot’s face, but I’ve seen costumes where the face is drawn above and/or below the child’s face.

Then, I covered the entire thing in tin foil:

photo(77)For the Body, I took a Blue-sized cardboard box and cut armholes. Then, I made a mistake. So, this tip could be useful if you are trying it at home: It’s okay to fold down the flaps on the bottom (for his legs), but NOT on the top. something has to sit on his shoulders so that his arms aren’t the only thing holding the box up. I’m probably going to end up connecting the two boxes before trick-or-treat night, but you should just close the box and cut a hole big enough for the head to go through.


I then added shapes of construction paper for dials, buttons and knobs. I even free-handed my own flat line! I plan on adding some more details to the head before the big night as well. Maybe antennas or something on the side of the head? I don’t know quite yet.


(1) When we tried the costume him, I discovered a problem. The head was moving around so much that Blue couldn’t see where he was going. A quick trip to the store allowed me to duct tape the head to the body of the costume. Then we were back in the candy grabbing business! We also used it on some of the foil seams that were missed. The foil rips easily, so this was important.

(2) I added some green scotch tape to the back. The back was lacking a little, so this gave it more personality along with reflectiveness (as if a robot isn’t shiny enough).


(3) I hadn’t thought about him being able to sit down.


Poor guy. He could barely bend down. We had to take off the costume for him to rest. So if you want to make your own, I suggest measurements before hand. This was from me eyeballing before nap time and having it ready when he woke up. oops.

(4) I had to do this trick or treat bag, too! I would have done it with him for school, but we ran out of time doing our other fun Halloween crafts.


I just cut and glued the shapes onto a brown paper bag. I used round office stickers for the two purple buttons, letter stickers for the “trick or treat” title, and the arms were made out of construction paper folded accordion-style.

Do you have any additional ideas? Have you made any cardboard box costumes? Leave a comment below.

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