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Home School How-To #4: Homemade Cardboard Bulletin Board

I love my children’s artwork and I think that it is great for Blue especially to be able to display his masterpieces. He eagerly shows his new pieces to friends and family when visiting our home. I recently found a real bulletin board outside of a neighbor’s dumpster. It is smaller than what we were using, but a lot more attractive with the border and all:


This is what I did before:

Free Style Art Center

Not as great, but it got the job done. If you are looking for an easy way to display your child’s artwork on a dime, here are some tips:

  • Option 1:

If you want to use thumb tacks on your bulletin board at all, you need to make sure that your cardboard is either thick enough to not puncture through your walls, or you can reinforce what you have. You can reinforce your cardboard using one of two methods:

  1. You can take more pieces of cardboard the same size and glue or duct tape them together or
  2. you can simply add a border along the edge of the back (much like a picture frame). This option may have more give to it in the center depending on how big your piece is. In which case, reinforce the center as well using grid-like fashion.

If it bows, put a heavy piece of furniture on it for an hour or so. Cover your board with cute paper, fabric, or tape. You can also use cellophane like mine, but I didn’t like the results as much.

  • Option 2:

This is a great idea if you’re worried about your little mouths finding push pins. If you don’t want to (or don’t have the ability to) reinforce your structure, you can simply use the piece that you have (make sure that it is flat). Add your fabric, tape, or paper and then staple zip-top bags to slide your artwork in. You could also use cute duct tape for a fun border. Keep in mind that your pictures will go in the way that your baggies are placed, so I suggest leaving some for profile art and some for landscapes. You should leave a little bit of slack so you can remove the papers easily. I also have a sandwich sized baggy for his memory verse of the week.

Have you done this or another DIY bulletin board? Leave your comments below.



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