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DIY On a Dime: Fabric Covered Play Kitchen Using Upcycled Materials

I have intended to make a play kitchen for the littles ever since Raspberry Bug has been able to stand at one. I especially love all the homemade ones you can find out there. They are personalized and a lot of times, of higher quality than I am willing to pay at the store for one.

Look what I found on the side of a dumpster to get this idea finally rolling:


Oh, yeah! A nice little shipping box for the taking.

After walking it over to it’s new home I started looking for ways to make it look like a play kitchen. Paint would be the obvious, but we don’t have any. It had to be covered somehow, not just drawn on because the wood was very unfinished and put out a lot of splinters. I decided to check out our old clothes and see if I could use any of them to cover the box in fabric. Success! These receiving blankets were perfect and the bottom of an old maternity dress:


I ripped only one seam to detatch the back of the skirt and all but the top had seams to prevent fraying. I stapled on a curtain and was on my way!

I then began my work on the “stove top” making sure that the corners were as smooth as possible. The striped fabric really helped to make this possible. Then, I stapled again-I should probably have an industrial stapler designed for wood, as my office one jammed near the end, but its On A Dime!


The back won’t show, so I cut near the staples and saved the pieces for scraps. When I cut the excess on the side, I left room for overlapping so no wood would be showing.

Then, I flipped it on it’s side and overlapped with the green checkered blanket:


I tried to use the seam to my advantage at the top. This allowed me to line up the blanket seam with the seams in the wood. Yes, I know I need an iron. On a Dime right?

When I started covering the last side, I quickly realized I didn’t have enough to cover it. One of the problems with eye-balling, but I made it work.


I simply added a stripe (of the striped fabric) and a pocket from a strip I cut off the other side. When I made the pocket, I put the Bottom layer on smooth and tight like the rest of it, and stapled further in than I wanted my edge. I then made the top layer looser than that to prevent stress and tear in the pocket area.

Then I needed burners. I was going to use some fabric glue and make my own little circles for the burners, but then I remembered a trick I saw on The Creek Line House that I’ve been excited to try. This link tells you how to easily transfer your own images from your printer to fabric. The secret? Wax paper. I cut it to size and used it like printer paper to immediately press onto the fabric. It was already stapled down, so the transfer was smooth:


Receiving blankets are a little fuzzy and the transfer is light anyway, so I just outlined it using fabric markers. I like the end result:


I added a “kitchen towel” burp cloth that matched perfectly.


I like the way that the faded burners look, but you could also color it completely using fabric markers or paint for more vibrancy.

I cannot stress enough the importance of labeling around our little ones. If they can’t read yet, this encourages them to try. So, lastly, I added a hand-drawn logo:


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There’s my DIY play kitchen completion~If you enjoyed the post, share it!



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