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Home School On a Dime: Tuesday’s Dinosaurs Activity Box

If you read yesterday’s post, you are aware that this week is “D is for Dinosaur” week. Click on the link provided to find the printables and ideas already mentioned or click on the photo of Blue’s patterning to find the printable dinosaur pack.

Tuesday is the day that we do his activity boxes. It may interest you to learn more about our weekly household routine.

I have a basket set up for Blueberry Ball every Tuesday with a label on it. Every activity completed in it earns him a star on his label. At the end of the day, he gets a penny for each star to put in his piggy bank. This way, it gives him a sense of goal setting and immediate gratification. We also get to count stars and pennies!


This week’s basket contained:


  • any theme-based writing activities I place in separate zip top bags for dry erase
  • any puzzles to go with the theme, book, and/ or letter of the week
  • clip cards to go with the theme or book of the week (these can cover letters or numbers) along with mini clothespins





  • any left over activities from yesterday covering coloring, crafting, Bible, or whatever is left (sometimes he will do them on penny day when he didn’t on Monday)

If you’ve read my post on our weekly routine, you know that tomorrow will be for covering anything that got glossed over or skipped entirely and if we have time he gets to play starfall games on Mommy’s computer. This way, I’ve already planned for some wiggle room and he has a different kind of incentive for completing his work (don’t you just love bribes?).  He only got three stars on his box (out of these twelve…um…yeah…) so this is yet another week in which I am glad I left extra time for.

You’ll also take notice that while we do introduce new letters, numbers, and memory verses each week, we also keep reviewing the old information. This works well to keep him sharp on everything we have learned so far. It also keeps him focused on one activity longer. For instance, he likes his tactiles so much that he usually not only traces the required week’s worth with his finger, but also adds all of the previously learned ones. We may not do this all year, but so far, the stacks are small and manageable enough. It has helped us skimp over a lot of the review weeks and keep moving on.

Leave a comment or link and let me know what your home school days or weeks look like. I love new ideas.



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