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Compassionate Characters: Peaking Your Child’s Interest and Comprehension During Story Time

Blueberry Ball hasn’t shown as much interest lately in his new Bible as I thought he might. He always wants to go to the story of Adam and Eve instead of focusing on the current week’s goals. I am glad he likes Adam and Eve, I just wish that he would take interest in more than one of the stories because the Bible has so much more than that to offer. Last week when we started the baby Moses story (he’s doing it this week too), there was a free printable worksheet in the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum designed for teaching emotions. If you are interested in printing it, or seeing what the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum is all about, click on the image below:

Teaching Emotions

Now, Blue is already very good at judging and identifying emotions, but I saw this as an opportunity to peak his interest in Bible time. You could use this as a teaching tool for the Bible or just for story time. I made it to be a special activity just for Bible time to keep him focused and learning. I first cut out the faces,colored them, and glued them onto card stock for durability. I then glued the sticks

(I didn’t have popsicle sticks so I used chopsticks =) ).

I then added the labels to the backs. Sometimes he likes to sound words out and try to read them. It’s always a good idea to label as much as possible with preschoolers.


I then added a container for it to all go in. It has a permanent home next to his Bible and on top of his free-style art center.


I got the labels online for free and the download came in six different colors and the option to customize! Click on the pic above for your free download.

It was great using this as a listening and comprehension tool. I used this exercise as an opportunity to explain the definition of compassion. Then, I looked for any point in the story where I can ask how he thinks the character feels. He listened for each question and responded by holding up the right answer.

I loved the results of this! It is something we will use every day this year, not just for the baby Moses story. I also intend on adding my own more complex emotions soon (if they are good, I’ll share). He now brings me the Bible with his “Compassionate Characters” each morning for Bible time. It has made a fun game out of reading.

If you would like to learn more about peaking your child’s interests in story time, I recommend reading How to Teach More Than a Story When Reading a Book.



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