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Home School On A Dime: Monday’s Dinosaurs and Paint Stations


Wow! What a successful day filled with home school! I was expecting Blueberry Ball to be a mess after our stay-cation at grandma’s. He didn’t get to bed earlier than nine every night and we started the week on Tuesday, so I thought he would be tuckered. He proved me wrong, so I guess he needed the break as much as we did. He was happy to get started this morning, and so excited about his dinosaur week. I normally end school just before the kids lay down for their nap around one or one thirty, but our art Monday went all day long (this Tuesday…yeah…) because I made paints while they were asleep.

If you haven’t checked out My Household Routine, I encourage you to, as it may help you understand some of this week’s posts.

The theme for school this week is “D is for Dinosaur” . The majority of the printables used were from It’s another free pack that is easy for me to print only what I need and will use. I usually take free printable packs and break them up according to days.

Monday is art day, so I put all the crafts and craft supplies into his backpack for him to open when he wakes up on Monday mornings. I also add any activities he has multiples of so he can stay focused. For instance, there is usually more than one puzzle, which would normally be in his activity box on Tuesdays, but if there is extra, I will have him glue one together for art day. For the dinosaur week, I included a pet stegosaurus that he got LOTS of fun from! Bible time and Compassionate Characters are done every morning before his backpack or activity box.

So, for the first part of the day he completed all his backpack activities. We did a puzzle, two size sorters, and A-Z letter matches that I printed from the pack. We also did a paper plate dinosaur craft and we made a pterodactyl from a triangle just for fun.

photo(42) I free-cut the pieces and had him glue them on.

Once he woke up he was pleasantly surprised to see his new paints waiting to finish these crafts off right. At the last moment I had an idea to do separate art centers on the lanai. Great idea if you only have three colors of paint on hand at the moment. Blueberry Ball impatiently helped with the set-up of my last minute plans. We placed three paint stations outside. One for  our “D is for Dinosaur” theme with triangle sponges to paint the pterodactyl. It also had toy dinosaurs for footprints to go on a large piece of paper, “the letter D activity page” and on his paper plate craft. This station had green paint.


The Next station was for his shape of the week: The hexagon. The abc Jesus Loves Me website recommends specified shape of the week activities, but Blue has already learned the simple shapes and is on to more complex ones. As a result, I do different “shape of the week” activities. I simply (yet poorly) drew a couple of hexagons on a large piece of paper and cut a sponge in the shape of a trapezoid. Last week was trapezoid and we learned that we can put two of them together to form a hexagon.This station was done in his favorite color: orange.


Last, but not least was Raspberry Bug’s station. Her color today was yellow so we placed a large piece of paper on the window with her color recognition box in front of it and let her do her thing with yellow paint.


She didn’t quite understand paint yet and she kept trying to eat the sponges, but we will keep trying. =) I think she may need to try paint again with Blue a little bit closer for observing.

This was so successful I actually can’t wait to do it again!

Keep reading and I will post Tuesday’s activity box tomorrow.

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