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Homeschool How To #3: Paint Recipes On A Dime

photo(32)  photo(34) photo(33)

Blueberry Ball loves his markers. The Broad-line markers by Crayola are perfect for practicing the tripod grasp with his little hands. This means that he has some markers already this year that don’t work any more. So, when I saw a way to make watercolors from these, I jumped at the chance and got to work!


Just remove the end caps from the markers (if you have tweezers you can remove the spongy center as well) and run water over the markers into containers.


I don’t have pliers to grip the ends with, so when the orange one didn’t come off, I used my scissors. It wasn’t the safest way, buy I got ‘er done. I was pleased with the results of the first one. It was vibrant and bright, so I made a yellow as well. It’s always the yellow that runs out first isn’t it?

Then I was inspired by a post I saw on How to Make Easy Homemade Finger Paints.

Just one part water and one part flour with food coloring:


I like how bright the neon food coloring came out with this recipe, but I did have two problems: I don’t think it is as washable as this blogger thinks because I know from cake decorating that food coloring does not wash out of clothes. The second was a personal problem-I only had one color of dye left (thank goodness it was green to go with our dinosaur week!).

Then, I had an idea to take the two recipes and make my own finger paint:photo(25)

One part flour and one part watercolor. This resulted in a light, pastel finger paint. I like this for some things, but it wouldn’t be my first pick if I need vibrancy. Hope you like the recipes!

Stay tuned to read about what we did with these paints on art day this week!



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