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Diaper Bag: Mommy’s Traveling Life Saver


I realize it has been a few days since I’ve posted. My family and I are on what we are calling a”staycation” in Honolulu. It’s been fun getting out of our smaller community and into the city for the weekend. This trip has been the inspiration for my next post. It is very important for our family that we carry what we need and will use only in the diaper bag and that we have one ready to go and on hand at all times. And just because Blueberry Ball is no longer in diapers, doesn’t mean we can’t keep things in it for him as well! Which brings me to my diaper bag tip:

Have a list on hand in your nursery or guest closet (wherever you prefer to keep your diaper bag for easy access) and make certain that those items are in the bag. You can feel free to copy my list and adapt it to your specific needs. Mine looks like this:

  1. Wipes

  2. diapers

  3. a change of clothes

  4. Bibs

  5. grocery sacks (1 or 2 for the disposal of those really smelly diapers)

  6. waterproof baggy. These can come in handy when you have soiled or wet clothes, especially if you live near the beach! You can purchase these at most baby stores or online, but I prefer to make my own to match the colors of my diaper bag and to save money. Do this by picking the zip-top bag in your choice size and covering it in your favorite color duct tape. you can add cool designs or leave it plain and simple.

  7. restaurant activity tube and/or file folder games. I used to have him pack his own backpack with cars or dinosaurs for entertainment, but I found it to be too disruptive when I needed him to use his inside voice, plus half the time, it ended up being just another bag to carry. My solution is a restaurant activity tube put together from Blue’s free-style art center. This consists of whatever coloring activities, puzzles, worksheets, homemade booklets, or misprints I pick rolled up and placed in a clean Lays Stax container. I add crayons or colored pencils and stickers. I also add scotch tape for Raspberry’s pages. Otherwise, they would all end up on the floor.

  8. File folder games are best for car or bus rides because they fit conveniently on Blue’s lap, but they tend to bend and tear in our diaper bag.(you can download my favorite here).

  9. a dry snack with a snap top lid

  10. a sippy cup for raspberry bug and a plastic one for Blueberry Ball

  11. Security blankets for both kids

  12. Mommy’s wallet and keys

  13. This week’s shopping lists and coupons

I find that by using the list after each trip out instead of just before, it allows our family to have more spontaneous trips in a stress-free fashion.

Let me know what some of your  diaper bag secrets are!

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