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The Importance of a Prioritised Home

Free Style Art Center had a motivating article on the influence that television has on our children’s walk with God. You can find it here: 

This made me think back to the beginning of the school year when we hadn’t quite had an organized space for homeschooling.  The first couple of weeks, Blueberry Ball was continually distracted wanting to watch television. This was my doing, because I used the television to my advangage (or so I thought) in the process of prepping for his “very first school year”. I began to feel guilty that I had not adequately prepped him for school and that he seemed almost addicted to the television programming that really held no morals or values to it whatsoever (for these reasons you will probably hear more from me on the negative impacts of television on young minds and families).

I then began trying everything I could think of in two different areas: keeping me focused and organized, and keeping him focused and organized. Let me explain: Our family of four lives in a two-bedroom town house so space was always an issue. I started out by keeping my teaching needs on a shelf in my master bedroom closet. I had to pull everything down and put it all away before each week began. It wasn’t the most convenient, but I could make it work. As for Blue, he really had no place where he could be to stay focused and have a learning environment that was distraction free. Raspberry Bug took two naps a day at the time and they share a room, so using their space was out of the question. Not to mention that the only table we own is the dining table which was completely open to the living room tv. It made it hard for him to be interested in anything else, and it was hard for me to resist the temptation of taking the easy way out.

I had been praying for a solution when all of the sudden, I had an idea. What’s the problem? The television. The thought came into my head, “So remove the problem.” It was simple really. We used the living room mainly for Bible studies, socializing with friends, and school anyway. My husband and I occasionally watch tv at night, so it all made sense now. Just switch my spaces and prioritize! Next step: get the hubby on board. When I brought it up, much to my surprise, he said,”Good idea. Let’s do it!”

So we moved the tv to a big dresser in the master and I was able to fit all of Blue’s materials and mine in the living room. He stays focused much better now, and everything has a designated space in working order. I don’t allow “toys” in the family room. We have a free-style art center, a reading nook, Knex, puzzles, board games, and pattern blocks. This way, he has directed play activities instead of random toys and mess. My kids are only allowed “toys” in the master or in their own bedroom so they can free-play.

Now, Red occasionally walks over to the reading station and sits herself down to “read” and Blue loves his art center and sticker bag. Since I have centered my home around my children’s needs, rather than the societal norm and frivolous world-focused extras, it has allowed us to spend more time in God’s word as a family, keep a cleaner more organized work, home, and school area, and-most importantly-my child loves his Christian-centered school now!



My family and I have made a decision to dedicate our lives to serve the Lord. We've started a seaborne, nonprofit Mission organization that is aimed at bringing the gospel and disaster relief to otherwise hard to reach areas. Follow us as we grow together in Him through our average day to day experiences. See how we make a family of five work aboard a small sailboat, follow us in the travels, projects, and experiences of day to day life as we share our calling with those we love.

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