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Free Color Recognition Printable Download (and how I used mine)!

Back to School printable pencil favor boxes with erasers

I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite free finds of this short-lived-so-far home school career. I’d like to share with you what I used them for, then you can feel free to click on the link below.

For Raspberry Bug, I am attempting to do an “information of the week” for her home schooling. I keep it short and simple with her as she is not even a two-year-old yet.

So far she has spent a week on body parts where I just made it a goal to go over hands, eyes, ears, etc. every time I change her or while she sits on the potty. By the end of the week, she had learned eyes, ears, nose, and belly button. Not bad for a week! Next, we did animal sounds. Blue already had Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton as his book of the week so we read this one and others like it to talk about animal sounds for two weeks straight. By the end of the two weeks, she knew quack, moo, and cock-adoodle-doo too!

This past week I tried a harder concept, colors. It has had surprising success so far. She has learned yellow, blue, and we are pretty close on purple. All in one week! Go girl! Every other day I switched colors to give her something new to work on. I printed the “pencil boxes” on heavy card stock fitting it to my 81/2″x 11″ sheet. I cut it out, folded and taped as normal. Then,I inserted a toilet paper tube cut to size for stability and durability. (if you don’t fit the paper to size on your printer settings, it will come out too small for the T.P. tube, which may be fine for older kids). I then filled them with items that matched. I placed a pic with the word purple written in purple, a piece of purple scrap fabric, a picture of a purple crayon, a few small shape cutouts, and a colored pencil for her to work with at the table (just some ideas of what you can do with this open-ended concept). This worked really well, I have to say. She enjoyed digging into her color-coded treasure chest to see what prizes were in store for her. And I learned a new trick for her coloring time. If your child is too young to hold her paper still while coloring, tape it down. She got WAY more coloring done this way.

You can modify this many ways to suit your child’s needs. For Red, I had to make sure that she wasn’t just repeating the word, but that she actually knew the meaning of it as well.For an older child, have him sort the items into their respective places. For a more active game, have your child find their own small items to place in the receptacles. The possibilities are  many and the download is free. So stop by one of my favorite websites and print it out today. Have fun!

I Was Featured at The Weekly Kids Co-Opand onNo Time For Flashcards:

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