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Weekly Household Routine

Spring Notebook

I call this my household routine, because at the beginning of Blueberry Ball’s home school year I was so inexperienced in what I was doing and a little nervous about forgetting something that I went ahead and made a full-blown schedule-one for his day and one for his week- that I could check throughout the day to make certain I was on the right track. This gave me a good idea of what a routine was going to look like for him by paying attention to how long he liked to spend doing things, how he reacted at different times of the day, and how Raspberry Bug would handle the attention being spread differently. Slowly, as I found out more about him and how he works, I was able to wean myself away from such a structured time table into a balance that works well for our home.

I try to make all the school and lunch happen before Red and Blue go down for a nap so that afterward they can play or “read” and I can do dinner on time (by five usually; they crash by 7).

I found that Blue does better when activities are not the same every day. A lot of variety keeps this three-year-old happily learning! So, while his things are in a different format every day, he still has a weekly theme, and weekly specifics on different subjects. But more on that (and the latest which is Raspberry school)  Just keep in mind that not everything you see here will be ideal for you, but I hope it can give you some useful ideas along your journey in learning about your little one’s learning:


Arts and crafts covering as many categories as time and attention spans will allow. Involve Red and wherever possible reinforce her information of the week.

Mom: Dining room cleaning zone


Workboxes for Blue, Red gets crayon time, Bible cartoon for both kids (when applicable to Bible story of the week), Azalea potty trains all day after stinky and unless sleeping

Mom: Kitchen Cleaning zone


Catch up and review on anything left over or difficult in the weeks plans. Play recognition, memorization, or any other games scheduled for the week for Blue. Red gets television time reinforcing her information of the week

Mom: Laundry room cleaning zone


Cover and catch up on any activities we may have missed and have computer activity if there is time for Blue, Red does potty training after stinky and except when sleeping

Mom: Bathroom cleaning zone


Memory verses for Blue, then sensory and/or outdoor gross motor play for both kids

Mom: Living room cleaning zone


Mom: Entrance cleaning zones


Mom: Bedrooms and closets cleaning zones

Keep checking back with Home School On A Dime to find out more about my weekly themes, crafts, and curriculum for Blue, Red’s information of the week and potty training, and my cleaning zones list. If you have a specific topic or question you would like covered, leave a comment below.

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